Mysticism in Spain a taylor-trip

Ancient and sacred wisdom of Spain


Madrid Experience is specialized in designing luxury trips and tailor made VIP tours through unforgettable experiences. Each trip is unique and each client has their own interests and hobbies. Because our customers always come first, we at Madrid Experience cater to their wishes, whatever these may be. This is no more true than with a client which asked us to organize a trip of the mystical side of Spain.

Our brief was to show a group of around 70 people that part of Spain which many people ignore today, but which has been a part of the country’s cultural landscape for centuries.

Following the client’s brief, we designed an itinerary and organized a tour which takes in Spain’s great mystics and philosophers, people like St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, Maimonides and Averroes, the country’s centuries-old devotion to religion, the mark the Knights Templar left all over the country, the secret religious orders which the country produced at different times throughout its history, and the buildings which this interest in the metaphysical produced.

Hence, Madrid Experience obtained permission to access places which regular people would have difficulty accessing. But we went one step further. We also gave our client the chance to speak to some of Spain’s experts on all-things mystical. From philosophers to historians.

People who will be able to give our client that little something extra when visiting this rather forgotten side of Spain. Our experts will give our client a more fully-rounded experience by exposing them to things like the sacred music of Andalusia, the holy shroud of Oviedo, and the veritable treasure of relics which the country has been housing for centuries.

Our clients will be able to enjoy a month-long tour of Spain’s most mystical spots, including visits to ancient templar churches, old palaces (such as the Alhambra) and monasteries of limited access , shrines, spots rumored to have been witness to religious apparitions, Oviedo’s sacred shroud in Oviedo, which is shown but twice a year (we are bringing an expert with extensive work in research with Carbon 14 and holder of a replica)  and culminating in the ancient city of Santiago, home to the remains of the Apostle St. James and the finishing line for the traditional Way of St. James, one of Europe’s most ancient and important pilgrimage routes.

For the trip we are bringing experts in different fields who will regale us with tales reviving ancient knowledge and wisdom such as the power of water or the hidden meaning of sacred calligraphy, sacred music and sacred geometry.

The Way of St. James is one of Europe’s, and the world’s, most ancient pilgrimage routes and on the way there we will stop at a couple of important locations which have tied their history to this mystical place throughout time. This includes the important shrine of Covadonga and the monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos  where they will come into contact with the otherworldly beauty of Gregorian chants being sung in person.

We are really looking forward to offering this new type of experience to our clients.

As well as physical luxury, we are proud to offer clients spiritual luxury too with this newly-added VIP journey through mystical Spain.


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