Viaje mistico en España

Sacred Journey in Spain

Journey through Mystical & Ancient Spain

Our sacred journey through ancient Spain aims to regain the wisdom, history, knowledge and legacy of the ancient civilizations which have left their mark in what is now Spain. This unforgettable journey will not only visit some of Spain’s most iconic cities and its main tourist attractions, it will also take you to places far removed from mass tourism’s beaten track. Madrid Experience will ensure that you live surprising moments filled with beauty and that your feel the wonder around the country’s mysticism.

Madrid Experience can adapt the duration of the journey, as well as its content, to suit all of your requirements.

Ley lines and templars in Spain

Spain has been populated by Celts, Visigoths, Vikings, Jews, Muslims, Templars, famous philosophers, as well as great thinkers, writers, and painters from all over the world. All of this long before Charles V’s global empire came into being.

During this journey you will discover impressive places-including some of Spain’s most emblematic monuments- which will take you back in time and show you some of their best-kept secrets.

You will learn about the importance, and the peculiarities, of the Escorial palace-monastery, as well as the treasures kept behind its walls. You will also deepen your understanding of the Knights Templar and visit one of their churches. Madrid Experience will also take you to bask in the beauty of Spain’s most beautiful castles and cathedrals, not forgetting about its ancient synagogues, mosques and some of its lesser-known, yet spectacular, churches. You can get to know more about St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, as well as the sacred geometry of the Muslims, the importance of water, and the energy vortexes of the way of St. James. Moreover, you can see Oviedo’s Holy Shroud, and hear an expert tell you about all the theories and arguments surrounding its authenticity.

A Sacred journey through Mystical Spain

Spain has a special magic. One which comes to life and is generated through beauty, stories filled with meaning, unforgettable views, music, and the feeling of being in the right place at the right time.

Madrid Experience takes care of the smallest details. Each day we organise lunch, or dinner, in places chosen for their magnificent views, or because there is something special about them. For example, dinner in a private property a few meters away from the Alhambra in Granada; the hall where the King of Spain greets the winners of the Princess of Asturias Awards in Oviedo; or one of Seville’s best rooftop terraces, boasting some of the best views of the city.

These are private trips, organised exclusively for your group.

Taylor-Made Sacred Journeys

These are private trips, and are custom made to suit your group. These are unprecedented and 100% bespoke journeys through Spain.

Get to know extraordinary people who will expand your horizons and take you back in time to new and unknown worlds.

Here is a small sample of some of the things you may see and do in your journey:

viaje mistico madrid


Visit Madrid and its main attractions. Madrid Experience can organise an exclusive VIP visit to the Royal Palace which can include access to rooms and halls not open to the general public. You can take in the beauty of some of the works of art housed at El Prado Museum, and the symbols hidden in the paintings themselves. Take a tour with our expert of the garden of El Capricho, one of the few philosophical gardens in the world, and created by the duchess of Osuna.


See the magnificent castle of the Alcazar, its splendid cathedral and go deep into the world of the Knights Templar and their ideals. Visit a functioning Templar church, learn about the work of St. John of the Cross and visit his tomb. Step back in time to the era of Isabella of Castile and learn about her proclamation  as queen of Castile in Segovia.

viaje mistico segovia 2


Visit Spain’s capital during the time of emperor Charles V and admire and analyse the work of El Greco from a mystical angle. Visit the city’s synagogues, mosques and churches and learn more about these millenary cultures.


Learn about the life and the ideals of St. Theresa of Avila. Visit the primitive church where she lived and founded her religious order. Visit one of Spain’s most extraordinary Romanesque churches and let us tell you all about it.

viaje mistico avila
viaje mistico burgos


Be inspired and rescue the legend of El Cid as you visit one of Spain’s most beautiful cathedrals. Listen to the chants of the monks from the Santo Domingo de Silos monastery and be taken to a higher ground for a few minutes. Live a truly mystical moment.


Visit the holy chamber and come face to face with the holy shroud (the real one is shown to the public only twice a year), and other important relics. Visit the sanctuary of Covadonga and take in the natural green beauty of the Picos de Europa mountain range.

viaje mistico oviedo
viaje mistico cordoba


Admire the beauty of the Cordoba’s cathedral-mosque and learn about the Muslim philosopher and thinker Averroes, known as The Commentator for his famous comments on Aristotle’s works, as well as Moses ben Maimon. Commonly known as Maimonides, he was a Sephardic Jewish philosopher, astronomer and physician who was one of the most influential Torah scholars of the Middle Ages.


Visit Andalusia’s capital and let yourself be blown away by its beauty. Visit the Virgin of La Macarena, Seville’s patroness. Visit one of Seville’s famous religious confraternities and come face to face with the city’s Easter traditions, one of the most famous in the world. Feel the energy of Seville and its people.

viaje mistico sevilla
viaje mistico granada


Admire the beauty of the Alhambra and learn about its sacred geometry, the architecture of its fountains and the divinity of water as a purifying agent. Enjoy a city combining the best Europe and the Middle East have to offer.


Walk one of the paths of the Way of St. James and learn about this millenary pilgrimage route. Whereas in other famous pilgrimages, such as Fatima or Lourdes, one goes to heal one’s body, in the route of St. James one goes to heal the heart and soul. You enjoy the journey as much as the destination: Santiago de Compostela.

viaje mistico galicia
viaje mistico barcelona 1


Visite una de las ciudades más bellas de Europa recuerde respirar cuando vea la Sagrada Familia y sus colores sublimes llenos de vida. Visite Monjuic y déjese inspirar por la virgen de Monserrat.  Sienta el silencio y conmuévase en Santa María del Mar.

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