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At Madrid Experience we work hard to ensure our clients benefit at all times from the warm and professional manner of our guides, collaborators and specialists. We therefore endeavour to make our team members behave with the utmost professionalism at all times, safeguarding their flexibility and empathy with our customers to guarantee them an unequalled personalised service.

With this is mind, we would like to offer you this short interview we did of one of our star drivers: Roberto. He has been working with Madrid Experience for several years and we have always liked the passion and dedication he devotes to his work.

Question: Roberto could you tell us a little bit about yourself and about the things you are passionate about?

Answer: I am from Madrid, I have two twin boys of 17, and I have worked in the luxury tourism industry for over 10 years. I have many interests and take part in a lot of activities in my spare time. I love nature and I especially love hiking and mountains.

I think of myself as a very sociable person and  that  is the part I like most about my work with Madrid Experience since it allows me to meet new and  diverse people from very different backgrounds and  spend time with them.

I also love to dance and enjoy fencing and martial arts.

I must say that I have always liked to travel and  explore new places where you can meet new people, new flavours and  aromas. Thanks to my work with Madrid Experience I have discovered some of Spain’s most fascinating places. Many of them unknown to me, and I’m Spanish!

In these past ten years I have discovered wine cellars, private properties, some of Spain’s best restaurants as well as historical places, many of which most people don’t know about.

Q: You have mentioned to us several times that you like the high level of service we offer clients. How would you say Madrid Experience differs from other luxury service providers?

A: I think empathy is one of the most beautiful challenges there are. At first you don’t know what a client will be like, or what their interests might be. It is very necessary to have the capacity to connect, and to adapt to their interests and needs.

At Madrid Experience we distinguish ourselves without a doubt by the dedication we give clients and  by the care we put into details such as the cleanliness of my vehicle, my own personal presentation and  the  customer service I give them during their stay with us.

And all of this is without forgetting the effort that goes into my work and the fact that I really enjoy what I do. I really enjoy seeing a client enjoying our services.

Q: What aspect of your job do you think is the most important to our clients?

A: I think there are several and all of them are important. The personal and professional dedication I have for my work, punctuality, knowing about the places we visit as well as having local contacts are things that are very necessary to ensure a professional service, as are a smile and  the capacity to react and adapt myself to suggest places a client might find of interest.

Our VIP Tour clients often see something that interests them or realise they need to make a last-minute purchase. On those occasions I have become their personal “concierge”. Our goal is always to generate value and to ensure our clients always take with them the best memory of their time with Madrid Experience.

Roberto thank you very much for this short interview and for your dedication and conscientiousness towards our VIP clients.

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