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Madrid’s Traditional Stores Tour


Madrid Experience’s VIP Tour of its traditional stores will take you to see objects and products which have been crafted in the city for centuries.

On this tour you will find articles not available at traditional big-name stores and which can only be found in Spain. This tour is aimed at people who are looking to find high-quality hand-made articles.

Madrid Experience will take you back in time, giving you an insight into Madrid’s customs and traditions through some of its traditional stores which have remained true to their style. Clockmakers, nineteenth century hatters, guitar makers who have been hand-crafting these instruments for centuries, or a shoemaker who creates traditional espadrilles so sumptuously that the Spanish Royal Family are his clients.

You will discover the city’s local flavour and style having a glass of locally-brewed vermouth, trying on a cape whose  design dates from the Baroque era, not forgetting that most Spanish fashion accessory: the fan.

This activity takes place in Old Madrid and is an excellent option for corporate and business meetings, product launches or team-building events.



Discover artisanal items still being made in Madrid and take a few home with you

Visit shops with a history going back hundreds of years

Through these businesses learn about life in bygone Spain, and about its traditions

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