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Luxury travel. Our private trips allow the total design and personalization for clients who are looking for high-quality experiences. If you are looking for a tailor-made trip designed to your needs or private tours with airport, train or seaport transfers, then we are the agency you are looking for. Our private tours can include transportation in a luxury car, bus or a combination of modes of transportation including the train, totally depending on your needs.

Speaking of luxurious trips, this post is dedicated to speaking about luxury trips by train in Spain.

Spain has four exclusive luxury trains. Traveling in one of these trains is already an experience in itself, especially for those that wish to enjoy passing the time without any rush.  Everything is usually included in the total price: Lodging, meals, shows, guided tours and even live music in trips of 6 to 8 days within different areas of the country.



La Robla Express


This train showcases an itinerary and journey through the nature and culture of northern Spain offering all the comforts and charm one can have whilst traveling in a classic train.

The common spaces of this express, all connected and classically decorated, are composed of three air-conditioned lounge cars with permanent bar service. The breakfast is served buffet-style and the passenger also has unlimited access to daily newspapers, magazines, library, video library and TV, as well as connection to new technologies. The common areas are also available for those who wish to have conferences, lectures, classes and meetings.

There are two itineraries available:

The “La Robla” is a circular route begins and ends in Bilbao and goes mainly into Castilla y Leon. The trip lasts 4 days and three nights and stops at the karst complex of Ojos de Guareña, the Valporquero caves, Leon City, Palencia, the municipality of Espinosa de los Monteros and the town of Balmaseda.

The “Infinite Paradise” itinerary also begins and ends in Bilbao. The duration of the trip is one weekend which tours inside the Cantabrian region. The route passes through the medieval town of Santillana del Mar, the Soplao Cave, Santander, Laredo and Santoña.

Either itinerary would be a pleasure to go on to enjoy the beautiful northern scenery through the big glass windows of the train specifically designed for viewing.



Costa Verde Express


This train transports the traveler to the golden era of great railroad journeys in a cultural and gastronomic tour through “España Verde,” the Spirit of the North.

This route lasts six days and five nights through faraway and less known towns of the Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias in a unique train perfectly set to enjoy and relax with all the modern comforts and conveniences needed. The kitchen is run by renowned chefs from the north of Spain.

Departures begin in May and end in October.



“Al Andalus” Train


During the trip, the traveler will have the privilege of enjoying a palace on wheels while exploring the south of Spain in a circular route.

The trip will be a unique and unforgettable experience from the very luxury and comfort of the Al-Andalus car-suites, which belong to the same series as those built in France for the British monarchy’s trips between Calais and the French Riviera.

The train is cladded in the elegance of the Belle Epoque and as long as it remains in the station, the passenger can either choose to stay on board or go out on your own to enjoy the stop you are in within the scheduled excursion.

This train has several itineraries: The Andalucia has a seven-day duration which begins and ends in Seville passing through Jerez, Cadiz, Ronda, Granada, Cordoba and Baeza; The Extremeduran route which goes from Sevilla to Madrid in six days and five nights; and the other Andalucian itinerary which takes you from Seville to Granada in a shorter duration of four days and three nights.

The express starts all routes in Seville and departs on different dates from May to October.



The Luxurious Transcantábric Express


The Transcantabric Express is the oldest tourist train in Spain that is synonymous to luxury, elegance and comfort.

The suites and common areas of this train transport the passengers to a charming luxury hotel in the early twentieth century with first-class restaurants to choose from, but with the addition and comfort of the most advanced technologies found in the twenty-first century.

On the Transcantabric Express, not only will you enjoy an evocative and pleasant atmosphere but also the culture and gastronomy that Castilla y León, the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia have to offer, which in itself is a real pleasure for all five senses.

There are 14 deluxe suites complete with a living room, a bathroom with a hydro-massage shower, steam sauna, and even a computer with free internet connection that can be enjoyed at any time during the trip or even during scheduled excursions whilst the train remains at the station. In addition, there are also 27 luxury rooms available.

The common areas of the Transcantabric Express are authentic jewels of railway heritage, of which four of them are original 1923 Pullman carriages. All the carriages have been specifically renovated and decorated for this luxury train.

There are different departures starting from April to October with various itineraries and durations: León – Santiago de Compostela which lasts eight days; Santander – Santiago de Compostela which lasts five days; and Santander – León which lasts four days.


Spain is undoubtedly one tourist destination that offers a great variety and selection of different experiences ranging from gastronomic, cultural, heritage, historical and mystical tours. In Spain, everybody is welcome. We are waiting for you with open arms and we pride ourselves in turning the trip of your dreams into a reality.


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