The leyend of El Cid

The epic legend of El Cid


Rodrigo. El Cid. “de Vivar”. A warrior. A citizen of Burgos and a legend of the region to which we wish to invite you with this special thematic and private Madrid Experience tour: A private tour of Burgos. A trip to the legend.


Who knows if the “juglares” accurately reflect the time that Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar spent in Burgos? Who can assure us that the remains of this man and his wife Jimena lay under cathedral dome? Or if his famous casket, whose mysterious blanket still remains hidden in the Chapel of Corpus Christi Cathedral, contains coins or just sand?


Visit yourself the legendary city of Burgos and sites that Cid himself surely enjoyed.


Dress warmly as we cannot ensure that you will not get cold, but we do guarantee that you will enjoy an exciting private tour of Burgos. Whether it was the love story of Rodrigo and Jimena, who despite hating “El Cid” after he killed her father the Count of Ordaz, eventually fell in love with him. The Royal law required that when a man killed another for honor, he must care for the wife and daughters of the deceased and this royal law left Rodrigo and Jimena united by law as wife and husband.


You will surely throw yourself into this unique experience in Burgos. Because there are numerous interesting places in Burgos, such as the group of marchers who travel from the Arch of San Martín to the castle. If you like this idea, our guide in Burgos will lead you to the church of St. Agatha or St. Mary ‘s door which according to legend, was used by the Cid to leave the city.


A city that disowned him, but only due to royal order and for fear of “losing their property and even their lives.”


A history of disputes, trauma and jealousy. Also filled with passion, history and delicious gastronomy. A private tour of Burgos and an  unforgettable journey to an exquisite land. We would love to be your host and faithful companion through Burgos.


In our way to Burgos from Madrid we could stop at a spectacular Wine Cellar at the Ribera del Duero. We will be happy to design your Private Tour of Burgos your way.

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