The inspiration for Hidden Symbology in Art Tour

A Private Tour to read between the lines

In this post we will talk about the inspiration to create our new Tour of  Hidden Symbols in Art at the Prado Museum.

I’ve always loved secrets.

They extend beyond mere gossip– having more to do with the unknown or the stories told by historians- buried under the sands of time…

A few years ago I traveled to the Middle East and visited Cappadocia. Here I admired the rupestral cave paintings made by primitive Christians over the first century. It is impossible to describe my fascination with these images filled with hermaphroditic saint symbolism and unknown rituals. On this trip I read that Constantine the Great unified, edited and manipulated the books of the Bible, using Christianity as a political strategy to try to unify the Spited Roman Empire of his time..

I still wonder about all of this ancient and valuable information, about the truth of life and the knowledge of mankind, and all that has been lost.

That which we read today, perhaps fiction, as in the Da Vinci Code, concerns me but also offers me some hope… unreachable characters are demystified and become human while some of the yet-to-be-resolved mysteries are presented.
I write this because I recently read “El Maestro del Prado” by Javier Sierra. It’s about hidden symbolism in art and works that are found in the Prado Museum, at the fingertips of all Spaniards and visitors. Renowned works of Raphael, De Juan de Juanes, Hieronymus Bosch or even El Greco himself.

The belief that artists paint for merely aesthetic purposes is inaccurate and considering this may offer a bit of fun to the boring and monotonous Judeo-Christian art… What did the artist really want to convey in the fourteenth century? What ancestral knowledge or practices are hidden within these discrete (or not) works that were sponsored by wealthy families?
I find it fascinating and almost hopeful to guess (and I say “guess” not “know” as clearly no one knows) that the world is not really as we know it… or as it has been presented over centuries.

We invite you to immerse yourself in a private Madrid Experience tour of the Prado and be inspired by the feelings and lifelike paintings that transport you to other dimensions and times… literally.

Duration: 3 hours.


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