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Acorn-fed Iberico Ham Tasting in Madrid

Acorn- Fed Iberico Ham Tasting


Their delicious flavor, the unique diet of the animals, as well as its high quality, have made Spain’s acorn-fed Ibérico hams one of the country’s most important luxury items. As with champagne or wine, these hams benefit from having their own appellation of origin, as well as a legally-regulated production, and you can thoroughly enjoy this delicacy at one of the Iberico Ham Tastings which Madrid Experience can organize for you.

The Iberico Ham Tastings are organized exclusively for companies and corporate events by Madrid Experience and they include the presence of an expert ‘Jamonero’, a professional who hand-slices the hams, who will introduce you to the amazing universe of this luxury product.

Madrid Experience will organize an acorn-fed Iberico Ham Tasting using Spain’s best hams. Discover and enjoy them with us.

What you must know at a Ham Tasting

During an Ibérico Ham Tasting the following aspects and characteristics of the product are analyzed:

Color: The deeply-red slices, which go from purple to pale pink, shine.
Touch: The slices are soft and they slide; the ham is soft to the touch.
Aroma: It should have a deep, balanced, and pleasant, aroma.
Streaks: The fat streaks’ cut, shape and distribution, are easily seen.
Juiciness: Depends on the meat’s own juice as well as the amount of fat it has.
Taste: We can make out four tastes: salty, sweet, bitter and umami.

What defines a great Iberico ham?

Acorn-fed Iberico ham stands out because of its texture, aroma and taste. This taste depends on several key factors: the animal’s breed –Iberian ‘pata negra’ (black hoof) pigs– which are exclusively raised and bred in Spain, their diet, which consists almost exclusively of acorns, and the amount of exercise they have had during their lives.

Madrid Experience invites you to learn more about the world of the acorn-fed Iberico ham with our ham tastings and our VIP Gourmet Tours to the meadows of Salamanca and Andalucia.


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