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Madrid Experience gives you the chance to get close to, and learn, about Spanish cooking with a VIP class in Spanish Cuisine. And to whet your appetite we are going to tell you how to make ‘cocido madrileño’ – or stew from Madrid, one of the capital’s most representative signature dishes.
You will find the recipe for this a bit further down, and you can learn to make this dish with your own hands at one of our VIP cooking classes, where they will show you this, as well as a couple other, delicious recipes.

Now, be warned, it is very likely that you will feel hungry after reading this recipe. It happens to us all the time!
Ready? Let’s get started.


– 420 grams of chickpeas. Leave them soaking overnight with a bit of salt before using them.
– About the same amount of pork shank.
– If you add a quarter of chicken breast, a small chorizo sausage and a ham bone, the taste will be even more delicious.
– Two carrots, to give it a healthy touch.
– About 140 grams of bacon – though if you want to add more, it will taste even better.
– An onion ‘morcilla’ (black pudding).
– Cabagge.
– A clove of garlic.
– And two potatoes.
Once you have all these, put your apron on because we are set to go!


Fill a large pot with 2 liters of water. Add the shank, bacon and the ham bones (wash all ingredients previously).
During the cooking process the water will start to have some white foam on the top. Remove it using a spoon. We also recommend that you skim the broth.
Place the pot over a slow fire and add the chickpeas. When they are tender, add the potatoes, carrots and chicken breast.
Whilst all of this is being prepared, place the cabbage, chorizo and black pudding on another pot and boil. By the time you do this the initial pot should be ready.
In a frying pan fry the garlic cloves until they are golden, and add them to cabbage – but just the cabbage!- the other ingredients will go separately in another dish with the meats.


How to serve?
First you serve the noodles, then the chickpeas and vegetables together, and, finally, the meats. You can, if you wish, serve the last two all in one go.

And now, just enjoy!



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