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VIP Bullfighting Experience

A real Toro and Bullfighting Experience

In Madrid Experience we endeavour to ensure clients experience the unmistakeable elegance and style of Spain’s culture, and a substantial part of this is the world surrounding bulls and bullfighting. To many a sport, but to those in the know, a unique cultural expression. If you have always wanted to partake in this ancient Spanish art form, Madrid Experience has designed a VIP Tour focusing on the culture of bullfighting.


Madrid Experience offers you an exclusive insight into the world of bullfighting by taking you to a private traditional ‘ganadería’, a bull ranch, and meeting a ‘ganadero’, its rancher. You will also be able to come close to Spain’s famous fighting bulls, the ‘toro de lidia’ and watch them from a safe distance. Your VIP Bullfighting Tour will take you in a specially-fitted vehicle up to where these magnificent animals are grazing in their natural habitat. A great opportunity for a real photographic safari!


As part of your Madrid Experience VIP Bullfighting Tour you will also meet a famous bullfighter who will share with you his thoughts, dreams, worries and the way he overcomes his fears on the bullring. This is a unique and significant encounter which you will never forget. A real luxury experience.


“Being a bullfighter is, above all, an attitude. A way of understanding life and of facing death. It makes us face our universe, our destiny, with our fears and doubts.”


As part of the VIP Bullfighting Tour you will visit a ‘ganadería’, a bullfighting ranch where you will learn about the work that goes into breeding and raising these brave animals. You will see cows in different stages of their pregnancy as well as their offspring. You will meet noble and robust bull stallions who are the ‘fathers’ in the ranch as well as the “toros de saca”: bulls which have been selected to appear in the bullring.


Your bullfighting experience includes the chance to taste some traditional Spanish dishes made with local ingredients. You will be able to sit at the table and talk about the day’s experiences.


And if you wish to make your experience even more remarkable, Madrid Experience offers you the unique chance to share the bullring with a master of bullfighting.


A professional ‘torero’, or bullfighter, will supervise and advise you, giving you some basic advice to ensure that this fantastic event turns into an unforgettable experience and a memento of the time you spent in Spain’s bullfighting world and the culture around it.


Visit one of the most famous bullfighting rings

Meet a famous bullfighter in person and learn about how they face their fears in the ring

Visit an important bull ranch and come into contact with these magnificent animals

Get to know both the bull and the matador

Join a bullfighting class led by a famous bullfighter and try your hand at the sport with a young bull

Enjoy some Spanish cuisine in a bullfighting surroundings

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