An Unknown Freemason Garden


The Gardens of El Capricho


At Madrid Experience we are experts at designing exclusive VIP activities and bespoke private tours for our clients to enjoy during their stay in Spain. As part of a VIP Tour of Madrid, we propose a VIP Private Tour of the garden of the palace of El Capricho, home of the Duke of Osuna.


This is one of the different activities which has been purposely designed for our clients and, without a doubt, will be an unforgettable and unique experience. During your VIP tour you will be accompanied by our academic specialist, who will unveil the secrets of a garden which is truly one of history’s miracles and, as such, is a wonder to behold.


This garden was created in 1784 and survived events such as Napoleon’s invasion of Spain, Spain’s Carlist wars of the middle of the XIX century, as well as its grueling Civil War, which left behind two bunkers which hide among the foliage. Property speculation, apathy and ignorance have all threatened to destroy the garden at one time or another but, amazingly, it still stands there: beautiful, elegant, mysterious and charming.

“Capricho” is Spanish for ‘caprice’ and it was on a capricious whim that a Spanish Grandee, the Duchess of Osuna, decided to create the only garden in the country designed by the gardener of Versailles. It is also worth noting that in the XVIII century, ‘caprice’ meant ‘fantasy’, ‘imagination’, ‘creativity’ and ‘wit’. We are therefore enjoying a stroll through the witty and creative imagination of one of the most cultured women of her time. A friend and a patron of Goya, she was known for her ability to converse on any topic with the best thinkers who frequented her elegant salons. Aside from its historical and botanical value, this wonderful garden is, like the gardens from the Far East, a philosophical and symbolic endeavor whose main theme is ‘love’, which is expressed as the garden’s backbone through the exuberant presence of Judas trees, affectively know in Spain as the ‘tree of love’, in the garden.


Our guided VIP Tour of the palace’s garden will unveil the deep meanings of the Freemason’s symbols, hidden from novices but evident to people who, like the Duke and Duchess themselves, were members of this discreet association.


We invite you to take part in this Private Tour where our academic guide will walk you through a beauty-filled path, filled with meaning, philosophy and knowledge, giving you the chance to spend an unforgettable day.


Pilar Baselga- Madrid Experience Academic Expert


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