Ultra-Luxury Experiences in Madrid

Curating Ultra-Luxury Experiences


Our distinguished clients from the Middle East were invited by an Asian institution to experience one of football’s most high-profile events, a match between Real Madrid FC and Barcelona FC, in Madrid itself.


Madrid Experience has been hired to design for them a series of experiences of the highest possible level. Our brief? They all had to be completely unforgettable. Fortunately, Spain has a lot of high-end experiences to offer and we had no trouble creating a luxurious VIP experience for them.


Madrid Experience was able to organize exclusive access to palaces, VIP events and made-to-measure tours of the Spanish capital, as well as some other luxury sites, where attention to detail was the order of the day.  Our clients also enjoyed an evening of flamenco and a Michelin star dinner at one of the city’s landmark venues.


This was one of the most special parts of the Madrid visit because it entailed visits to certain palaces where our clients enjoyed several rooms and halls which are normally closed off from the public. As for dinner, it was an event where a chef with two Michelin stars was responsible for pleasantly and deliciously surprising our guest’s palates, while the evening’s entertainment included performances from some renowned artists, including dancers, singers, and musicians.


No visit to Spain would be complete without touching upon the country’s magnificent cuisine. A famous chef created an interactive cooking demonstration for our clients which surprised with the most avant-garde textures and flavors.


Combining high-end events with high-culture, and following our client’s brief for the experiences they desired, we were able to provide ultra high end hospitality at some incredible, and difficult to access, sites around Madrid.


Moreover, our client in Asia needed to organize a luxury gift as a souvenir. Our flexibility and impeccable customer service has no limits. We commissioned a wooden case to hold two Bohemian crystal glasses decorated hand-painted 18k gold Gaudí motifs and an exclusive bottle of wine.


At Madrid Experience we took care of managing all aspects and details of this trip for our VIP clients.

Asia is far away if you don’t know anyone at your destination. But if Madrid Experience has anything to do with it, you will hace a local assistant who worries about clients, details, and will not rest until a job is done to perfection.


Count on Madrid Experience as your local colaborator in Spain for the production of your next exclusive event or unique experiences for your VIP guests. Contact us HERE.

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