The Seasons Trends with a Personal Shopper

Madrid Experience knows fashion, so we offer you a VIP Tour of the city’s best stores and fashion haunts with our expert consultant: Begoña.

Fashion is whimsical and, by nature, short-lived. Today’s “must-have” dress is tomorrow’s rags which you wouldn’t dare be seen in, which is why we like to update our wardrobe once in a while. This doesn’t mean that we throw everything away and get rid of some basic pieces. A well-dressed woman knows how to combine the latest fashions with a few signature vintage pieces, giving her personal touch to any ensemble or look.

And lets not forget that good taste dictates that, to be elegant, one needn’t wear designer labels from head to toe. We all know that the best-dressed women in the world often combine a pair of jeans from 15 years ago with a blazer from Zara and some designer sandals from Italy and they look like something straight out of Vogue. And who does not remember Penelope Cruz at the Oscars a few years ago, dressed in a vintage Pierre Balmain gown from the 1950s? Now that was elegant!

But, of course, who has time to go shopping these days? Who has extra hours in the day to go to boutiques and designer stores looking for the ideal skirt, a top with a neckline that goes with everything, or that pair of pants that will last about three seasons? Few of us do.

That is why we at Madrid Experience trust Begoña, our Personal Shopper and Image Consultant, so much.

She has spent years combing Madrid’s streets looking for those charming and unique stores which have the dress that will ensure all your friends ask you about it, that have that pair of shoes that match everything, or the bracelet that makes the blazer you bought in Paris years ago and almost threw away turn into this season’s look.

She will also carry our a color assessment of you, telling you which hues favor you most, and will tell you about the styles that best suit you, showing you how best to wear certain garments and accessories. A scarf, ballerina shoes, or a lipstick in a daring color you never tried. Showing you several fashion options, designers you perhaps had never considered, or did consider but discarded long ago, is a Personal Shopper’s raison d’être. Opening new doors and showing you a different path into fashion. And, often, showing you the most exclusive designs that will stay with you year after year, since, as we all know, classics never go out of style.

As we all know, dressing well and looking good is but an art, but one which should always be fun.


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