The new luxury in Madrid

Luxury and grand experiences


After the world-wide pandemic we all suffered through, it has become one’s priority to take the time to fully enjoy, while giving the proper value to things and moments that really matter at the end of the day.

After this strange year, all of us have changed in one way or another… Very soon, you will be able to participate in our wellness tourism and top-quality experiences in relation to nature and Spanish ancestral traditions.

Life is change in itself and Madrid’s world of luxury has also transformed with two new openings: The Four Seasons and the most awaited re-opening of the Hotel Mandarin Oriental Ritz.



The luxurious hotel of excellence in Madrid


One of the biggest examples of luxury tourism in Madrid is without a doubt the Mandarin Oriental Ritz Hotel. The hotel was founded in 1911 by King Alfonso XIII with the objective of hosting members of the royal and aristocratic families. It thus became the first and most luxurious ‘palace hotel’ in the city.  With regards to design and aesthetics, the best of every aspect was used; from silverware to marble finishes, carpets from the royal factory of tapestries, exclusive textiles, and live piano in the background playing in the most refined ambience. The Ritz Hotel is an endearing part of the history of this city we love so much, Madrid.

Well known artists and celebrities that have stayed in the Ritz contributed to its history such as Mata Hari, Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly, Rainiero, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Dali, Sofia Loren, Sara Montiel, Lola Flores and many more. A large number of these special guests have had that luxurious experience at the Ritz include: Arabic royalty, businessmen and distinguished tourists that want only the best and know how to appreciate and seek the beauty in moments and details at every step.

In Madrid Experience, we have always been attracted to the Ritz Hotel, because of its tradition, timeless history and glorious past, its story and great beauty immutable in time. With the utmost respect and affection, as a tribute to this refined and educated lady of impeccable ways, along with her sophisticated taste as a world traveler who’s seen it all, we leave you images of the hotel’s past even if they don’t do its history any justice.




The reopening of the Mandarin Oriental Ritz in 2021


In 2015, the Jardine Matheson Group bought the Ritz Hotel for 148 million dollars and transformed it into the Mandarin Oriental Ritz. The renovation ran for almost three years with a total construction investment of 100 million dollars. The hotel opened its doors last April 15, 2021 with 153 rooms.

The hotel’s opening is without a doubt an awaited event for Madrid’s luxury tourism that did not leave us disappointed. It continues to be one of our favorites when combining unbeatable luxury, modernity and creativity. You can sense the great work behind the building when observing the great care in the details that are found throughout the interiors. We had the pleasure to visit the place a few days before its grand opening and we would like to share with you its novelty and brilliance that has left us completely in love.



These are just some of the dazzling details you can find at the hotel:

  • The new crystal dome and general ambient lighting throughout the interior spaces
  • The combination of Spanish art with local and luxurious products
  • Its new bar dedicated to serving the best champagne in the world
  • The new spa and gym
  • The presidential suite and other rooms that have an exquisite view of the Prado Museum
  • The new bar with its interiors that are truly a work of art


The Ritz Hotel is without a doubt another must-see attraction for any tourist in Madrid and one of the examples of luxury that best represents Spain. Congratulations.

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