Why is Segovia’s Roman Aqueduct still standing?

Find it out on a VIP Tour of Segovia!


It is made of granite and anyone who comes across it can’t help but be amazed at this feat of engineering which was built somewhere between the I and II centuries AD, and without access to any of today’s modern technology. Stone upon stone, and without the use of mortar or cement, all granite blocks fit perfectly alongside each other.

So much so that about two thousand years later this stone colossus is still standing, although a legend says this is so because it was built by the devil himself!


On our VIP Tour of Segovia we will tell you about the clues which could have dated its actual date of construction and about how Spain’s Christian monarchs destroyed these as they carried out one of the several reconstructions this monument has had throughout its history.


In charge of transporting fresh water to the city’s inhabitants for about two millennia it is, without a doubt, one of the best feats of Roman engineering still around in the world.
And the best part? It is only one hour from Madrid.


And if you are in Segovia, Madrid Experience can also organize a VIP Tour of the city where we will unveil the secrets of its Gothic cathedral, which took over two centuries to build, or its famous fairy-tale castle –the Alcazar, believed to have inspired Walt Disney, not forgetting about the beauty of its streets, its stores which are still minded by real craftsmen whose work, of course, you will also get to know. And not forgetting about the city’s culinary grandeur.


Learn more about Queen Isabella the Catholic who was proclaimed Queen in Segovia, visit the tomb and learn more about the work of the great mystic “San Juan de la Cruz” (Saint John of the Cross) and visit the curious circular church “de la Vera Criuz” which is said to have a Templar past.  Enter an ancient world of knights, princesses, legends and great mystics. Let us transport you to other times.


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