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Theories to understand the Luxury Industry


We all wish to be up to date, feel different and unique, live new experiences that make us feel alive and that give us sustained pleasure. We look for the latest gadget and be within the trends and dress in the latest fashion. The Gentleman magazine in its April edition, recognizes four new profiles of luxury consumers. What group do you belong to?


Technological experimenters: They see innovation as a path towards excellence. They announce the trends of the luxury market that will filter into the global economy. Their capacities: Evaluate innovations, they are protagonists and star participation and their access to brands.



New profiles of luxury cunsumers Madrid Experience


Socializing sybarites: For them, family comes first. And then,they live well and its important for them to express theirselves. They are authentic, have their feet on the ground and  thrive in creative communities. Time – living slowly – is their ultimate luxury.  Their capabilities: they  value craftsmanship, comfort and fun, They are able to provide solid advice and long-lasting relationships.


Luxury in Spain

Luxury in Spain


Adventure Hunters: They pursue a different type of life, their own, and have developed a new knowledge in their search for authenticity in the experience. Most of them are young, they are incorporating themselves into the consumption of leisure, culture and luxury. Capacities: Niche audience, open to intelligent and unique offers. Tradition and integrity in quantity and quality.



New profiles for the market of Luxury travel



Poets spiritualists: Proud of their achievements, they calibrate their successes for their meaning, not for the benefit. Balanced by conviction, attentive to everyone, they seek spiritual progress, they enjoy intelligence and they surround themselves with elegance. Capacities: Creativity, pursuit of pleasure and intellectual connections, radical ideas with social value.



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