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Brief history of the airport network in Spain


At the end of the 1980s, air space was liberalised, giving rise to what we know today as AENA. The airport network managing body finally was constituted in June 1991 and began to provide its services in November of that same year.

At that time, Spain already stood out as a reference tourist destination, which, however, was not reflected in its airport capacity (at the beginning of the 1990s, the network consisted of 38 airports). However, today AENA has become the leading operator in the world in terms of passenger volume. Its facilities currently receive more than 200 million users, compared with 45 million passengers in 1980.


These figures are the result of the strong investment made in the modernisation of the network.


However, the great landmark of Spanish airports in recent years is the entry of private capital into the national network in February 2015, through an IPO for 49% of its capital. The state will now manage 51% of the company, through the public business entity Enaire, which depends on the Ministry of Development. Four months after the IPO (considered the largest operation in Spain since 2007), in June, AENA entered the Ibex 35.




Public airports and the Spanish airport system


In Spain there are 47 airports managed by the state company AENA (46 airports and 1 heliport). All of them are close to provincial capitals and/or cities of importance and have national and international traffic.


By Autonomous Community, the Spanish public airports are:


Galicia has 3 (La Coruña; Santiago; Vigo)
Castilla’La Mancha has 1 (Albacete)
Andalusia has 7 (Seville; Malaga-Costa del Sol; Jerez; Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen; Cordoba; Almeria; Algeciras *heliport)
Asturias has 1 (Oviedo)
Extremadura has only 1 (Badajoz)
Catalonia with 4 (Reus-Tarragona; Sabadell-Barcelona; Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat; Girona-Costa Brava)
Basque Country with 3 (Bilbao; San Sebastián; Vitoria)
Castilla-León with 4 (Burgos; León; Valladolid; Salamanca )
Ceuta with 1 (Ceuta)
Canary Islands with 8 (Tenerife North; Tenerife South; Gran Canaria; El Hierro; Fuerteventura; La Gomera; La Palma; Cesar Manrique-Lanzarote)
Aragon with 2 (Huesca-Pyrenees and Zaragoza)
Balearic Islands with 4 (Ibiza; Menorca; Palma de Mallorca; Son Bonet-Mallorca)
Madrid with 2 (Adolfo Suárez-Barajas; Cuatro Vientos)
La Rioja with 1 (Logroño)
Melilla with 1 (Melilla)
Murcia with 1 (Murcia)
Navarra with 1 (Pamplona)
Cantabria with 1 (Seve Ballesteros-Santander)
Valencia with 1 (Valencia)


There is another kind of airports that are also public but managed by the Autonomous Community where they are located: in Catalonia 2 (Andorra-La Seu; Lleida-Alguaire); Valencia 1 (Castellón); Aragon with 1 (Teruel International Airport).


There are also military air bases and aerodromes open to civilian traffic or which share their facilities with a civilian airport: Los Llanos Air Base (Albacete); Cuatro Vientos Air Base (Madrid); Gando Air Base (Ingenio and Telde-Las Palmas); Logroño Air Base (Agoncillo-La Rioja); Villanubla Air Base (Valladolid); Zaragoza Air Base (Zaragoza).




Private Airports in Spain


Spain currently only has one airport that is managed by a private company: Ciudad Real.


However, it does have private airfields which we discuss below.




Private airfields


Private airfields are another type of runway for aircraft (sometimes also at a public airport). Private aerodromes are not allowed to receive commercial flights, nor are they required to be used by individuals other than their owners, except in emergency situations. In other words, they are exclusively for private use.


These private aerodromes are usually poorly treated runways, made of earth or grass and with some auxiliary facility to support air navigation. They may also have some services in the facilities themselves or nearby (bar, restaurant, gas station ,aeroclub, school, etc).


The private aeronomists, in general, are usually aeroclubs, flight schools, ultralight fields and forest or emergency runways.




Airports that allow private jets


Each airport allows private aircraft to take off and land, and they have different fees for this. Not only do you have to pay for landing or taking off, but also for the rent of the hangar, as well as the salary of the airport staff, among other things.

The fee, which is mandatory, varies depending on the airport and is subject to air traffic. These fees are not paid according to the number of passengers on the private plane, but according to the weight of the plane. In other words, a jet must pay a fixed fee, regardless of the number of people on board.


Below is a list of Spanish airports that allow private jets to land:


Airport’s Name –  Provincia – Web

Valladolid [LEVD]  Valladolid

Valencia [LEVC] Valencia

Vitoria [LEVT] Álava

Hierro [GCHI]  Tenerife

Reus [LERS]  Tarragona

Son Bonet [LESB]  Baleares

Noain-Pamplona [LEPP] Navarra

Seo de Urgel (LESU) Lleida

León [LELN]  León

San Sebastian  [LESO]  Guipúzcoa

Ranon (Asturias) [LEAS] Asturias

Cuatro Vientos [LECU/LEVS]  Madrid

Almería [LEAM]  Almería

Córdoba [LEBA] Córdoba

Jerez [LEJR]  Cadiz

Caudé – Aeropuerto de Teruel Teruel

Mahon / San Luis (Menorca) [LESL] Baleares

Ibiza [LEIB] Baleares

Vigo [LEVX]  Pontevedra


Zaragoza [LEZG] Zaragoza

LLEIDA/Alguaire – LEDA  Lleida

Bilbao [LEBB]  Vizcaya

Santiago de Compostela [LEST]  La Coruña

Alicante [LEAL]  Alicante

Villafria (Municipal) [LEBG]  Burgos

Talavera-La-Real [LEBZ]  Badajoz

San Pablo (Sevilla) [LEZL]  Sevilla

Salamanca [LESA]  Salamanca

Sabadell [LELL] Barcelona

Malaga [LEMG] Malaga

Los Llanos (militar) LEAB  Albacete

La Coruña [LECO]  La Coruña

Huesca Aeropuerto- [AFIS]  Huesca

Granada [LEGR]  Granad





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