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Men’s fashion has always moved to the beat of its own drum. Whereas women wear all sorts of styles and colors and can adorn their bodies with anything from precious stones to feathers, fashion for men is a tool more than a canvas.


It wasn’t always like this. As art works will attest, menswear before the XIX century saw them wearing expensive silks, embroidered suits with diamond buttons and sporting gold buckles on their shoes. However the XIX century saw men’s fashion take a sober turn where elegance stood above all.


Nowadays menswear is slowly moving away from that. Many gentlemen and young men look at fashion now as a way to express themselves. They wear vivid colors. Use daring footwear. Ask for exciting silk ties. Their cufflinks can be silver bone shapes. Or a Monopoly play piece.


Madrid Experience’s Personal Shopper for men Experience for Men’s Fashion offers you the chance to learn about the season’s most interesting trends in menswear, as well as the more classic and elegant ones.


Our personal shopper will send you a questionnaire before the experience stars, where you will be asked about your sizes and other personal details so that when you visit a store, your clothes in your size will be waiting for you to try them on. You will also be asked about your personal style, your favorite designers and your grooming habits.


This is a completely personalized experience, designed to help any gentleman to update or renew his wardrobe with the trendiest garments of the season, be they a jacket, a bespoke suit, pants, or a pair of shoes. If you are also looking to change your appearance, Madrid Experience’s Personal Shopper knows the city’s best barber shops and male beauty centers.


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