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There is no luxury without pleasure, and pleasure is one of the main elements of travel, and an important part of luxury itself. We seek out new sensations, far away from the masses, and surprising, pleasurable experiences, which are sustained and filled with awe, beauty, and surprises. We want to feel alive!

Madrid Experience’s extreme attention to detail, and our perfect results, are something we are very proud of, but it is not the reason why we do what we do. We believe that unforgettable experiences are made by people who are out of the ordinary, by unique places, exclusive venues, delicious food and sophisticated wines. They are ingrained in our memory through evocative music and atmospheric aromas which make our senses come to life. These are some of the luxury-signifying elements we imprint on our services. Elements which are subtly there but which make a difference and are perceived and translated as luxury and enjoyment. Needless to say, our luxury automobiles and buses will take you safely and comfortably to your destination. We carefully choose our staff as well as the hotels, restaurants and wineries our clients will visit. Our challenge is to always offer the best and we are driven by our team of specialists and guides, who welcome the client as a good host does, and whose sole aim is for clients to experience memorable moments. We are also characterized by our flexibility, which is to be expected throughout your stay in Spain. We adapt, not only to our client’s schedule, but also to their particular interests, so we can achieve a personalized, bespoke trip. An experience-filled, intense journey made-to-measure for each client. We like to pamper our clients so that they have nothing to worry about and we may take them to special surroundings, where they can step back in time through stories and legends, told passionately and masterfully. We ensure that our clients enjoy themselves doing different things, being and feeling differently themselves. Luxury is a way of life, a way of being unique. Feeling unique. A way to live exclusive experiences and gain access to extraordinary people and places, and going back home and sharing them with loved ones. That which is scarce, rare, or remote, is luxurious. And that is characteristic of our services. You will not find our special activities, creative and different, or our bespoke private tours, anywhere else. They have been carefully created, designed and personalized to meet your requirements by an erudite team of experts and guides who are passionate about showing you tradition and convention, but also that which falls outside the reach of most people. Their creativity and genius represent a unique approach to luxury travel which mechanized and repetitive travel methods simply cannot challenge.

The world’s best chefs always seek the freshest ingredients, those of the highest quality. They also seek to make creative combinations and new methods to achieve new textures and compounds. Fascinating surroundings and avant-garde atmospheres which turn sitting down to have dinner into a ritual. We will only suggest the best to you and we will help you to make reservations at Michelin-starred restaurants as well as those, out-of-the-way, gastronomic jewels which cannot be missed. What comes from mixing factors such as an excellent service, exclusive locations, heavenly gastronomy, luxury cars and ultra-high luxury vehicles, hosts who will go out of their way to make you feel welcome? These are carefully-planned and executed services whose only goal is to take you on a undiscovered journey and for you to feel better than you do at your own home. Let us pamper you and give you the best, because you deserve it. Treat yourself to Spain.


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