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Grape harvest in Spain. Experience the grape harvest first hand with a private tour and route in La Rioja and/or the Ribera del Duero. We build for you memorable wine days.

In Spain the word wine cannot be understood without “La Rioja” or “Ribera del Duero”, two of the denominations of origin that make our wines the most famous internationally. These are some of the main signs of identity of our land and we invite you to get to know them from the inside; so much so that you can even cut the grapes from the vine yourself.


Everything will be taken care of down to the smallest detail by the specialists of our Gourmet & Wine Tours in Spain. We invite you to experience the harvest to the fullest.  To discover the care that goes into the gesture of a grape picker who removes each ripe grape from the damaged clustersm, to feel part of a real family of traditional grape harvesters who will teach you the most authentic aspects of this work they have been doing for years.


Experience the transfer of the grapes to the winery and learn about the production of the most select wines in such exclusive corners and away from conventional tours, that you will only get to know them here in Madrid Experience.


We dare say that at the end of this experience you will fall in love with the vineyards. Discover the best expression of the terroir*, pick the grapes and feel their juice by stepping on them yourself. You will be able to drink what is sure to be the freshest must you have ever tasted.


At Madrid Experience we take care of every minute of our experiences. We offer you the best without skimping on quality, we take you to visit exclusive wineries in the hands of their own owners and we prepare for you real experiences in the vineyard and centenary wine presses.


We design the itinerary according to your needs with multiple possibilities of activities and magnificent places that you will not forget. Take an introductory tasting course and learn from a professional sommelier all that the world of wine has to offer.


We will organize a wine experience as part of a private tour in La Rioja or Ribera del Duero with unique flavors and enjoy a good conversation accompanied by an extraordinary wine.


This is a personalized tour and experience. It can vary to suit the number of people, their interest in visiting other sites and their time availability.  We will be happy to design a magical day of wine with you and make you live the grape harvest in Spain.


Please contact us HERE or: –  00 34 644 355 651 – 00 34 915 417 099

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