A Luxury Sensory Tasting in these complicated times. During this pandemic period, while the world is almost at a halt, we have designed and successfully carried out a sensory tasting for the luxurious Filipino rum “Don Papa” intended for journalists, reporters and influencers.

We would like to describe the development of this activity that despite its complexity and particularities, along with the strict safety protocols we have implemented to guarantee the safety of the attendees whilst complying with the regulations of Madrid City without sacrificing any part of the experience.


Below are the details of this luxurious experience, our luxury sensory tasting for Don Papa.






Let’s start with the central figure and inspiration of Don Papa Rhum: Papa Isio.


We have recovered episodes of this man’s life to construct his past experiences in order to surround this activity with magic and meaning.


Papa Isio grew up in a family of sugarcane farmers. During his teenage years, their homeland taken away from them by a sugar plantation owner and his family was forced to give up the land and move to the other side of the island.

Before moving, Dionisio Magbuelas, better known as Papa Isio, wished to bring with him the essence of his homeland which he promised to recover, and to do this, he put a little local soil in a box of cedar (a type of wood that predominantly grows in the forests of the Philippines), vanilla that grows in that same soil, orange bark and other essences that automatically transports him back to childhood when smelling it.


He would never forget:

  • The gentle sunrise over the trees and that mild smell of fresh mint and pepper in the morning.
  • The sweetness of sugarcane with its thick molasses.
  • The thick vegetation of the lands and the soft music the sugarcane makes when rustled by the breeze.
  • The aroma of vanilla floating in the air right at that moment when the sun stains everything gold.


Dionisio vowed never to forget and promised justice. Meanwhile, the lands where he was born, where his father and grandfather were also born, along with all those memories of childhood would always keep him company.


Time passed and his parents eventually died. Dionisio used to collect coconut sap to make wine in order to survive each month in the plantation of Carlos Gemora, another Spanish landowner. It was there that he learned the process of making wine and distilled spirits. He wanted to make wine that reminded him of when he was younger, a quintessence that captures the smells and memories of wood, vanilla, pepper and orange. To transport him back to his happy childhood.


One day, he learned about the guerrillas living in the mountains. They fought for freedom, justice and the reclamation of their ancestral lands. It was his moment and opportunity. That same night, he packed a change of clothes, his most precious belongings and of course, the cedar box with his childhood memories and dreams.


The Philippine revolution ended in 1898, thanks to thousands of brave men who fought for their ideals and love for their lands. Among them was Don Papa Isio, a hero not known to many. The lands of the island of Negros was divided and returned among the natives, just how Don Papa Isio had dreamed.


At the same the Philippine revolution was won, the Americans arrived to the islands and brought with them Hollywood and other occidental customs. These customs included drinking whiskey or bourbon, the craze of going to a speakeasy or underground bars; where one walks through a nondescript door, and a new world opens up before them filled with action, glamour and jazz.


Don Papa Rum brings together both stories: the quintessence of Philippine jungles and Papa Isio’s love of his homeland and American customs with their liquor aged in barrels. Don Papa Rum is 100% luxury.







Attendees’ welcome and explanation of activity schedule

The attendees walk through the door and find themselves in a jungle-themed area.

Each participant will sit in their place and will then be blindfolded.


Our sommelier narrates the story of the activity and we will transport the attendees to the sugar rainforest of the Philippines through our sensory tasting with the elements and ingredients.


Next, we will give you a glass of rum to try while discussing rum pairings with these three elements: salted chocolate, licorice and plums. Attached is a velvet fabric to use as a comparison for the texture of the rum as it caresses your palate.  A contrast of flavors, smells and textures combined altogether while being blindfolded and listening to the music and sounds will create the perfect ambiance for the activity. A luxury sensory tasting.


Then, you will move to the bar with the brand ambassador who will share the liquor specifications and how it can be used. They will also prepare two delicious cocktails using Don Papa Rum.





Objective: Transport the guest to the land of Papa Isio, a Philippine forest and a speakeasy (underground American inspired bar from the 1920’s with jazz music) through smells, sounds, textures, a story and our music.

Music: animal sounds, forest sounds and speakeasy music vibe.

Smell: Background of mint with vanilla vaporizations

Visual: about the table: a cedar/mahogany (tropical wood/forest) board, bowl made with coconut with elements like brown sugar, cedar wood, cocoa, mint, cloves, etc.

Eyes blind folded

Sensation: heat, humidity

Touch: oak shavings, orchid soil made of tropical wood, velvet

Taste: Individual dishes for tasting; dried plum, licorice, salted chocolate



Social distancing

Use of hand sanitizer

The participants will not touch anything

All components of the tasting will be new and used exclusively by themselves and/or for single use for further disinfection.

Use of facial masks will be required throughout the whole activity.



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