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VIP Tour to Toledo

Tour VIP Toledo

Toledo: The city of three cultures

We offer you a private tour that you will remember for the rest of your days.  There is magic alround this city.

Toledo is one of those cities that has a unique atmosphere (you’ll understand why in this post), a unique history, varied architectural styles and unique museum offerings. Next year it will be the highlight of the celebration of the fourth centenary of the death of the original and amazing painter “El Greco ” who lived in Toledo 40 years (from 1577 until his death on April 7, 1614). In subsequent posts I’ll discuss the events that will be held next year in relation to this event, but for now, we will talk about Toledo in case you are considering having a private tour to Toledo with us. We will make sure you don’t miss anything in “the city of three cultures “.

Nowadays it is very common to find churches, synagogues and mosques all in one city, but in earlier times this was not near so common. Toledo is often called the “City of tolerance” because in this city Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together in peace for many centuries. The trail of the past is evident in the synagogues, mosques and churches built during the Middle Ages in the capital city of Toledo, declared, with much discretion and for many reasons, “a Cultural Heritage of Humanity” in 1986.

In a private tour in Toledo with MADRID EXPERIENCE you will be driven through historic rides and intriguing alleys, streets, buildings and museums specially chosen by our team, allowing you to take advantage of every last minute spent in Toledo. If you wish, we’ll take you to selected shops (there are numerous offerings, and we will recommend where to shop and eat!) And to recharge your batteries, we will suggest some good restaurants. These restaurants have also been influenced by the three cultures. If you wish to try a Sephardi lunch, let us know in advance! If you want to visit Toledo and enjoy all that this city has to offer, if you want to optimize your time of your visit and if you are interested in the city’s history, art, cuisine, you may wish to choose a private tour of Toledo…. Most importantly: travel based on your needs, your time, and your desires!

We are able to organice a Marzipan workshop for you to learn the old recipe and way of preparing this sweat delicacy.

Are you interested in a visit of a Damascening (metal works) factory? Leather works? Swords?  We will be happy to design an unforgettable day in Toledo for you.



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