A VIP Tour of Cordoba: its culinary prowess

Explore the Cordoba’s Gastronomy


It isn’t tomato soup, nor is it a gazpacho – it is not made of pepper or cucumbers. However ‘Salmorejo’ is a dish with a unique personality, and there is no better way to enjoy it than as part of a VIP Tour of Cordoba.

This traditional Andalusian dish, which originated in Cordoba, is made with tomatoes, bread, extra virgin olive oil, salt, vinager and garlic, all of which can be mixed on a blender, and is served with diced boiled eggs and Ibérico ham cubes. Although it is a simple, easy to make, dish that anyone can put together, there is nothing like trying it for the first time in its home city.

If you are visiting Cordoba, as well as taking in its architectural sights, it is worth trying its culinary jewels. And the best way to do this is enjoying the sun, sitting at a table in the old quarter, enjoying a plate of Salmorejo, some ‘Flamenquines’ (battered pork loins wrapped in Serrano ham), or some delicious oxtail stew.
Oh!, and while you wait for your food to arrive, have some olives. In Cordoba you will also realize that tomatoes taste differently –they are grown locally near the Guadalquivir river. That the olive oil they use is special, because it grows near the mountains. That bread also has a surprising taste. And that Cordoba’s Ibérico ham is second to none. As for the Salmorejo, yes, some places do make it just as well as they do in Cordoba, but it won’t taste the same. You have to go there.
And the best part is that the city is a little over an hour away from Madrid on the AVE- Spain’s luxurious high-speed trains. Let Madrid Experience be your host in the ancient capital of Muslim Spain and discover why things there taste differently. Cordoba is a city which must be tasted and seen on foot, discovering its ancient squares and feeling transported to another time.

Madrid Experience offers you a VIP Tour of Cordoba. We will visit the ancient Jewish quarter to learn about its history and exit through one of the gates on the city walls. This is a bespoke experience where we will take you to the best taverns, the most symbolic spots, and tell you about the secrets its streets and alleys, not forgetting, of course, the city’s culinary prowess.


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