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Spanish ham tasting

During an Iberian Acorn-fed ham tasting you will be able to observe and, with the use of your senses, to describe what you are experiencing with the help of your perception. The objective of the ham tasting is to achieve a reasoned evaluation of the product at hand.

You will be able to try the Iberian Acorn-fed ham, which will be exposed to the senses to determine through this investigation what are its different qualities and/ or its defects.

Madrid Experience normally organises VIP Iberian Acorn-fed ham tastings where you will be able to taste three of the best Iberian hams currently made in Spain, and we will include ‘Cebo’ ham (made from Iberian pigs fed on compound feeds), or even Serrano ham, so as to highlight the characteristics of the Iberian Acorn-fed ham.

Madrid Experience can organise these ham tastings at your company headquarters, or at a special venue, such as a private palace’s hall, or a charming restaurant.


A ham tasting can be defined as a group of methods and techniques which allow for the perception, identification and –through the use of our senses– appreciation of a certain amount of the organoleptic characteristics of food, as well as objects.

Ham and the senses

Out of the five senses, three in particular allow a taster to travel and acquire a conclusion: sight, smell and taste.

During the ham tasting, these three senses should be alert and ready to specifically and precisely perceive the largest amount of sensations which we will discover during the session.

The different phases of a ham tasting

a) Visual Phase

Colour: Are the slices a brilliant red, somewhere between purple and pale pink?

Veins: The cut, form and distribution of fat are easily seen.

Are there any visible Tyrosine crystals?

b) Olfactory Phase

Smell: The piece should have a pleasant, balanced and intense aroma

c) Tactile Phase

Touch: The slices are soft and slide easily, the ham is soft to the touch
d) Tasting Phase

Juiciness: It depends on the meat’s own juices as much as it does on its fat content, since this is what will stimulate the flow of saliva.

Taste: We are able to identify three tastes: savoury, sweet and sour.

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