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VIP Photographic tour of Madrid

VIP Photographic Tour of Madrid

It is hard to describe the photographic side of Madrid using just a few words, and since we want you to take away the city’s images, we have turned to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary for a couple of definitions:

1- Photography /fəˈtäɡrəfē/- Noun. The art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (as film or an optical sensor).

2- Photograph \ˈfō-tə-ˌgraf\ : Verb. A picture or likeness obtained by photography.
We like the street so, shall we keep to the first definition? And lets add that the word has both Greek and Latin roots.

The first part, “Photo”, which in Greek is derived from “φωτο”, meaning “light”, and “Fautus”, which in Latin means “favored”.

So its set. Bring your lenses and get ready. Choose the time that suits you best. Madrid Experience has day and night photography routes, which will show you the city’s special spots, ensuring you enjoy both sides of the city!
And “Graph”, from “γραφία”, which means to “write” or represent in a graphic manner.

Hence we can agree that photography means “writing with light”, and we want to write Madrid’s best version of itself for you. Do you want to have a moment you’ll remember your whole life? Several? There are so many places and moments to be captured that we can’t keep just one, so we invite you to discover all of them holding your camera.

Are you ready? Lets go! We can take several shots of the city’s skyline. There’s the modern side of Madrid, with the Puerta de Europa area round Plaza de Castilla; Chamartin’s train station, the four skyscrapers of the CTBA area, and, depending on the angle, the famous RTVE television tower. But there’s also a more bohemian side to the city, which takes in the silhouette of the Royal Palace, Madrid’s cathedral and the beautiful church of San Francisco el Grande.
With our feet firmly on the floor, Madrid is still unique and it has hundreds of quaint and interesting spots to be photographed. This is a new way of getting to know the city and we want you to take your time taking a picture so you can capture all moments. As always, this experience is custom-made and our professional photographer will guide you on this VIP Photographic tour of Madrid’s more photogenic side.


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