Food and Wine Tours in Spain

Enjoy the Culinary Art of Spain through our luxury foodie tours especially designed to cater to everyone’s unique tastes.

We have gathered the best gastronomic experiences that Spain has to offer and combined them in our personalised tours. We offer amazing luxury deals for all the lovers of food and wine that want to experience the authentic flavours of Spain.

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VIP Wine Day Tour

Madrid Experience’s VIP Wine Tour of the Ribera del Duero will take you to a select collection of the best wineries in the region. A number of these belong to some of the largest and internationally renowned brands, whilst others are family-run cellars of the highest quality where you will meet their owners and learn about the passion they feel towards their land and the wines they produce in an almost artisanal manner.

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Exclusive Culinary Tours in Spain

Get to know the most outstanding wine cellars where exclusively excellent wines from Ribera Del Duero or Rioja are produced, and after that amazing wine tasting tour, we will take you to the best traditional restaurants in the region.

Don’t miss out on the most popular delicacy in the Spanish Gastronomy, the Authentic Acorn-fed Iberian Ham, or otherwise known as Jamón Ibérico de Bellota.  With our gourmet routes, you will have the chance to visit the most famous charcuterie factories located in Salamanca and Andalucia and enjoy the succulent taste and quality of this world-renowned dish.



Gourmet Getaway

Our gourmet getaway tours are composed of private tastings of Acorn-fed Iberian Ham, otherwise known as Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, exclusive wine tastings and olive oil. Learn about all the different tastes and distinct smells of traditional Spanish Cuisine with an expert guide who will unlock your knowledge of the local gastronomy to new horizons.

Venture into the world of local Spanish cheese and enjoy a new experience of learning how to make your very own sheep cheese in the traditional manner, and even take it home!



Luxury Gourmet Experience Madrid

If you are looking to partake in a unique culinary experience, we will arrange a private cooking class for you with a well-known Spanish chef. Learn all about high-end cuisine through a VIP class or attend a cooking show that will be led by a one Michelin star chef.

All our tours are personalised and tailored to fit your interests.  You have the freedom to choose all the activities you wish to do. Feel free to ask us for advice and we will cater your tour to provide the best experience surrounded by authentic food and wines.

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