Authentic Private Tours of Spain

Explore and gain a better insight on the country’s most profound traditions and immerse yourself in folklore through experiences tailor-made especially for you.

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Private Flamenco Class

Madrid Experience gives you the chance to take a VIP Flamenco Class where the magic and passion of Spain’s most famous dance will take centre stage.

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Flamenco Experiences in Madrid

Discover the authentic and intimate gypsy tradition through our experiences tailor-made to your preferences for you and your companions. You will have the possibility to enjoy a live, up close and personal flamenco performance along with a fantastic dinner and exquisite wine on this wonderful show. This experience is perfectly enjoyed as a group or a company.

To further immerse yourself in traditional Spanish culture, we also offer the option to learn Flamenco in a private class at the oldest and most outstanding Flamenco school of Spain. The traditional clothing, shoes and accessories will all be available at your fingertips to make your experience of this art of dance even deeper. This activity can be designed for an individual private class, as well as enjoyed by a group of friends or colleagues.


Bulls Experiences in Madrid

If discovering the world of bullfighting is an interest to you, we offer this grand possibility of experiencing it firsthand. The historical and cultural bullfighting world is one of the most fascinating and controversial Spanish traditions that piques the world’s curiosity; therefore, each component of the private bullfighting tour is carefully selected to exhibit the true art and symbolism behind this ancestral tradition.

We have designed a private VIP bullfighting tour in Madrid which includes the chance to visit the most famous and important bullring in the world, meet a renowned bullfighter, enter bullfight museum and a cattle ranch where the fierce bull of Lidia will be located only a few meters away.

Learn and discover the Spanish traditions and its folklore through a tailor-made journey especially designed to spark your interests.

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