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Interesting are those stores that transport you into a universe of your own… This is the case of the “Kike Keller” store; a very singular store in the Malasaña neighborhood that surprises (in these times in which we believe that almost everything is already written and said) and that mixes styles and materials of all life…. The artist rescues resources that perhaps made him happy or take the subject to stages of the past or to unsuspected places… This store could be part of our route of design stores of local and retro artists.


In this store-gallery, everything is possible and brings ideas to create and transform your own space and make it your own taste.


The Galery has a house lay out, and even you can have drinks in it . The house is fully furnished and where everything is for sale or it’s a sample of what he can built to suit to your taste and space.  He may use his last X-rays to build a lamp or a lamp with angel wings, or even a lamp built with nostalgic bic pens?

An elevator door is the door of the restroom and other door is made of a wooden container that, by opening it, makes discover the visitor a white atmosphere with almost blinding light. You definitely don’t expect it and that’s precisely where its charm lies. Nothing is predictable here.

The dining room is built with eclectic resources such as: a vintage steel table, wooden chairs with a recycled air, blue vintage wallpaper, an elegant silver chandelier on the worn table and a white pewter jar that makes them look like a flower vase… spaces where the functionality of the elements is important but the fact of taking the objects out of their usual context gives the composition and atmosphere of the space a unique touch. The house-store, is very cosy and it is really interesting to walk around and explore its almost Dadaist spaces and artefacts belonging to other times and other domestic, industrial, rural, urban spaces and from different parts of the globe…

How comforting it is to enter a space where things are not as “one expects them to be”. It is almost a lesson in acceptance, resignation and enjoyment.

His personalizes the spaces with ingenuity, mixes objects from different periods, styles and origins and reuse them based on aesthetics and functionality.

Ole, Ole, Ole Madrid and its artists! We leave you below some photos so that you can see what we mean and we reiterate our availability to add design shops to your Private Tour in Madrid, a trip to suit you.



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