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They say it is like a ritual. That just before facing the bull, the bullfighter’s body feels a combination of joy and contained emotion. But also of fear. Maybe that is why each bullfighter has his own “chapel” and that, is just like in Spain’s old black & white movies, his mother or his wife still pray to the Almighty to watch over him. And just before it all starts, before you can smell the blood, before the dust stains his shoes, before the crowd asks for the bull’s ears, or they start to wave white handkerchiefs, his esquire will ensure that, on the bull ring, the bullfighter looks his best. That is his main ‘fight’, but don’t be fooled, it is the closest most intimate moment the bullfighter has. The esquire, known as the “mozo de espadas”, will have ready the suit of lights over the chair and will help the bullfighter to dress. He will also assist him during the bullfight since this type of assistant-cum-confidant is also an organizational genius: tights, cummerbund, leotards, capes, swords…nothing escapes him.

Does it  sound interesting? But we have never faced a bull head-on, nor do we expect you to. So relax, you won’t need a “mozo”, and nobody needs to pray for your safekeeping. On the contrary, we want those around you to join in this exclusive experience where this passionate art form will amaze you.

Madrid Experience wants to show you Madrid’s bullfighting side with a visit to the world-famous Las Ventas bullring and its museum or a private visit to a Bull farm, where you could meet personally a real torero. Do you want to gather your strength at a traditional bullfighter’s tavern? Madrid Experience will take you to one where you can also enjoy its cuisine.

If after the bullfighting tour you still want to do some shopping, we suggest our traditional stores of Madrid tour, where you can learn how the bullfighter’s cape – the capote– is hand made. And since we are in Old Madrid, we suggest you extend your tour and get to know a bit deeper Madrid’s ancient quarter. It is there where the city’s most famous highlights are found: the Royal Palace, the Plaza Mayor, the Royal Opera House, etc.


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